The traditional Hammam

The Tradition
The Ritual
In Arabic Hammam means warm bath. It's toward the seventh century d.c. that the mussulmanis create their steam baths, inspired to the Greek-Romans thermal baths and also called Turkish baths. At that time, these places of purification and spirituality were reserved to the men. With the Arabic expansion, the hammams multiply them in the basin of the Mediterranean one and they welcome the women. The hammam, bringing relax and welness, it's called the silent medicine often for its antistress virtues. Symbol of the tipical oriental way of living, the hammam was and remains for the oriental women more than a place to make the baths, it'is a real harbour of peace and evasion! In an epoch where the women had few pleasures, the day of the hammam was for them occasion to break with the routine of the house jobs to surrender them to the experienced cares of an operative of the hammam. But still today with the frantic rhythms that life imposes particularly more and more to the women, to give themselves a space of peace and welness has become a demand. i_bagni

Jean-Leon Gerome. The Baths.
An hammam is usually composed by different rooms with the ceiling: you will pass from 'Istraha' (room of reception) to that warmer, heated by the vapor that it originates from the floor and furnished of basins of cold water to sometimes refresh you. After the steam bath, in another room it will attend you the Hammai, that will deal him with to massage, Exfoliate and regenerate your body.

The benefits

The treatment, periodically done, it allows you to stimulate the blood circulation, to relax the muscles, to loosen the psicophisical tensions and to reduce stress and tiredness, to eliminate the toxins and the liquids in excess, to assuage the muscular and rheumatic pains, to clean the skin in depth, to help to take care of and to prevent colds and influences during the winter.
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