rhassoul The Rhassoul is a natural mineral clay of lava origin that is extracted by the depths of the mountainous chain of the Middle Atlas in Morocco. The Rhassoul is mainly considered an essential atout of the beauty of the oriental women of Morocco and is one of the rituals of the Moroccan Hammam. Its color is normally brown or brown green, but the clay used in the products LES ARGANIERS is the best quality one and drawn by an unique mine in Morocco from which a very clear and very pure mask is drawn.

Cosmetic Properties:
The official name is HECTORITE or MOROCCAN CLAY. This clay is very more absorbent than other cosmetic clay and is ideal to cleanse and to detoxify the skin. The preparation of the mask doesn't need some harmful ingredient because the Rhassoul cleanses through a physical process. It is composed from elevated percentages of Silicium, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and traces of other mineral presents more than in other clays. These mineral highly make the detoxifying clay and they are exchanged with toxic component, metals eventually present on the skin. The Rhassoul has astringent proprierty, it sharpens the nuisance of the skin and it stimulates the cellular renovation. It is ideal for the fragile skins because it doesn't irritate the sebaceous glands of the skin.
Two American laboratories clinical, have conducted studies which show that after a single application, the users have noticed the followings results on their skin:
- smaller dryness and brittleness
- improved brightness, elasticity and compactness
- improvement of the nuisance
- smaller lucidity
- great softness
Application and use:
- smear on the face a light layer of the RHASSOUL MASK LES ARGANIERS on the damp skin after the daily detersion.
- leave it to act around 3 minutes when the skin begins to dry.
- collide with with a lavette soaked of lukewarm water and rinse abundantly.

To complete the treatment apply with a massage the PURE ARGAN OIL. The most important SPA in the world offer treatments of beauty that contain this clay. The purifying mask LES ARGANIERS uses it mixed to the honey and essence of orange flower. We advise to make once a week the treatment with the Rhassoul mask.
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