sapone_nero The black soap, Beldi Soap in Arab, is a soft soap made of three natural elements: water, black olives oil and mineral. It is drawn by the saponification of the olive oil and the potassium hydroxide. The result is a soap of buttery texture. Used on the damp skin, this soft soap prepares and relaxes the body for a deep exfoliation through the scrub (Kessa) glove. The quality of the black soap LES ARGANIERS is confirmed by the use in the best Italian Hammams.

Cosmetic Properties:
The black soap cleans deeply the skin, it oxygenates it, it activates the blood and lymphatic circulation removing a lot of dead cells of the horny layer of the EPIDERMIS. It makes therefore skin softer, smoothed and ready to receive the following nourishing treatment with the ARGAN BODY OIL.
Application and use:
- Dilate the pore: take a warm bath or warm shower with vapor to dilate the pores. If a center fitness is frequented with Turkish Bath to make a steam bath in the Turkish bath.
- Apply the BLACK SOAP massaging it on the whole body and leave it to act 3-5 minutes so that black soap brings in surface the dead cells, facilitating so the exfoliation. It doesn't make foam.
- remove the black soap with the GLOVE KESSA with ample circular massages to remove the dead cells.
- rinse abundantly with lukewarm water.

A weekly exfoliation is recommended to clean the body from the dead cells and at least once every 3-4 weeks, that it corresponds to the renewal cycle of the most external layer of the epidermis, the horny layer. The best thing is to make a scrub 3-4 days before the depilation to obtain a perfect smooth skin.

It is possible to add essential Oil of Eucalyptus that helps to relax the body and have antiseptic benefits. Also other essential oils can be add to get specific effects, the most popular in Morocco it is with the Artemisia, while the most diffused at world level is with the Eucalyptus. In the SPA in Europe it is often proposed with the orange Flowers fragrance Les Arganiers proposes it in its pure form without fragrance to give you the possibility to personalize the perfume with the preferred essential oil or to use it without fragrance.