The Skin Beauty:
how to maintain skin young and healthy.

The Cosmetic Products LES ARGANIERS helps to maintain skin young and healthy working on some of the principal factors of the aging.

The strategy of prevention and care of the tied up inestetismis to the aging of the skin should articulate in a series of turned interventions to the whole organism however. A logical sequence of such interventions should foresee the general revitalization of the organism through a correct style of life, the purification and the disintoxication of the connectival matrix, thin to reach the treatments to recover the vitality of the skin.

- TO FEED IN CORRECT WAY: to make abundant use of fruit and vegetable and fibers, to avoid the excessive consumption of animal proteins to avoid the abuse of alcohol.

- TO ELIMINATE METEORISM AND CONSTIPATION that maintain in circle the intestinal toxins. To increase the contribution of fibers in the feeding, to assume great quantity of water, to increase the usual physical exercise to eliminate the stress.

- TO TAKE CARE OF THE HYDRATION AND THE WATER CONTRIBUTION: to drink sufficient water (1,5 lt of water a day is the dose recommended under conditions of normality to reinstate the losses and to assure a good water reserve. To avoid the deterioration of the hydrolipidic Film and of the horny layer through opportune forms of protection as for instance creams and oils.
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- TO FIGHT THE FREE RADICALS: to prevent and to take care of illnesses and inflammatory states that behave a great production of oxiding substances, to prevent or to take care of conditions of general weakening and depression of the system immunitario, to insert in the diet foods rich in vitamins and useful mineral salts to oppose the action of the radicals, to avoid the abuse of alcoholic products, the abuse or the incorrect use of medicines, to avoid the excessive solar exposure or to rays Grape, to avoid conditions of continuous stress.
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- TO PROTECT FROM THE SOLAR RAYS: the sun if taken in excess it is one of the most dangerous and insidious enemies of the skin. In to compromise himself/herself/themselves it is necessary to respect some rules: to choose a proper protective cream for the proper fototipo keeping in mind of the geographical zone, of the period of the year, to compromise to the sun with gradualness, to avoid the exposure in the warmest hours, to protect the eyes, to drink a lot of water before and after the exposure, after the exposure to apply on the skin a moisturizing and nourishing cream.
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- TO PROTECT FROM THE COLD: the cold makes to decrease the secretion of sebo with consequent damage to the membrane idrolipidica; besides it provokes peripheral vasocostrizione for which the skin receives a smaller quantity of oxygen. The dehydration veins then increased by the heated air and shoal of the environments, that prompt continually the perspirazione. To reduce the damages moisturizing creams you/they can be used and you oil containers particular elements, with high power of penetration and therefore in degree to communicate in depth you begin moisturizing assets.
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- TO TAKE TAKES CARE OF HIM OF THE SKIN EVERY DAY: to take care of the daily cleaning of the skin with delicate products, particularly the evening to free the skin from all those impurities that have accumulated on his/her surface during the day. To hydrate and to daily protect the skin with proper products.
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- WAY OF LIVING IN A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT: to spend less possible time in polluted environments or unhealthy.

- TO RESTORE THE PSICOPHISICAL EQUILIBRIUM: a correct behavior of life allows to slow down the physiological trial of aging of the skin. To eliminate or to reduce the most possible smoke, alcoholic, nervini, to adopt a healthy and congenial feeding, to respect the biological rhythms, above all that of sleep-vigil, to eliminate the stress, or to reduce the negative impact that has on the organism of it, is the footsteps to complete for reaching a good psicophisical equilibrium.
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