Your Beauty, the Skin Beauty

"...The magic of beauty treatments and the ritual of the hammam didn't derive only to feel himself reborn, but also from the conscience to be the creators of this rebirth. "Beauty is inside, all it takes is throwing it out", aunt Habìba said, assuming herself to queen in her room, the morning after the hammam. She didn't place that for herself, with the scarf of silk wound around the head as a turban and the few jewels that she had succeeded in saving from the divorce they shone her around the neck and on the harms. "But inside where?", I asked her. "Is it in the heart? in the head? where, exactly?" At which, aunt Habìba bursted to laugh. "My poor child! Not there and you don't' need to go far so much and to complicate the things! Beauty is in the skin! Take care of of it, think to anointing it, clean it, smooth it and perfume it. Put your best suits, even if there is not a special occasion, and you will feel yourself a queen. If the society is hard with you, reacts cuddling your skin. The skin is politics (Aljild siyàsa). Otherwise, why the imàm would order us to hide it?"
From: The forbidden terrace, life in the harem; Fatima Mernissi

If our beauty resides in our skin, we learn to know THE STRUCTURE OF THE SKIN and to defend it with the gestures and the most appropriate habits. Discover the SUGGESTIONS ON KEEPING IT YOUNG IT IS HEALTHY.

The Argan Oil, the Black Soap, the Rhassoul they help to maintain the beauty of the skin. In add the Argan Oil favors THE BEAUTY THROUGH AND FOR THE WOMEN, helping their economic development and their social emancipation.
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