The Argan Oil: the Strength of the Nature

Morocco is a country rich in legends, mysteries and treasures. One of these is the ARGANIER, the Argania spinosa, that grows only in the southwest of Morocco, at the edge of the desert, in an inclusive area among Agadir and Essouira.

This tree has recently received a recognition from the Unesco that has defined it tree of the life both for the important defense of the ecosystem and for its social and economic role. The oil that is drawn by the almonds of the berries of the Arganier, is very precious for its rarity, for the manual production process, for the low productivity but above all for the important Cosmetic Properties, so much to have been called the Gold of the Desert.
Since more than thousand years it is used by the berbere women to defend the skin from the aggressions of the sun and the sand, to feed it and to strengthen it, to massage the newborns and protect from the cutaneous infections. Used in the Moroccan pharmacology to assuage the rheumatisms, to take care of the superficial scorches, acne and chickenpox. The science has recently recognized the EXCEPTIONAL COSMETIC PROPERTIES of this precious Oil: Moisturizing, Nourishing, Antiage, Protective, Revitalizing, Cicatrizant.

The argan oil is got from a manually developed process with procedures and heritage of berbere culture, handed down by generations in female line. The productivity is low: to produce a kg of oil they are necessary around 100 kg of cores and a lot of times of workmanship.
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