Rhassoul Mask

Rhassoul Mask

Purifying Face

The RHASSOUL is a natural mineral clay of lava origin that is extracted from the Atlas mountains in Morocco. From centuries the Rhassoul is employed by the local populations to purify the face, the hair and the body.

The Rhassoul acts through a physical trial respecting the film lipo-protectress of the skin. In this precious formula it is united to honey and perfumed with essence to the flowers of orange tree. The Rhassoul mask absorbs impurities, toxins, sebo excesses and it returns to the skin the minerals whose it's rich: magnesium, silicium, calcium. Applie it distributing on the dampened face, a layer uniform of product, avoiding the eyes contour. Leave it acting 3-5 minutes and to rinse with a sponge soaked of warm water. Recommended use once a week.

Results: It purifies skin in depth and it sharpens its nuisance. It reactivates the circulation.

Type of Skin: For all types of skin, particularly suitable for mixed and impure skins.

Parfums: Flowers of ORANGE tree and HONEY.

In the HAMMAM treatment it is used before the massage with PURE ARGAN OIL.

Price: €40.00



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