Argan Body Oil

Argan Body Oil

Antiage and Revitalizing Treatment

This precious oils composition, among which Argan Oil is protagonist, gives many benefits and the pleasure of a precious, natural and winding treatment to your body skin. The ARGAN OIL, SWEET ALMOND OIL and JOJOBA OIL are in fact rich of cosmetic properties; the ARGAN OIL with the Omega 6, Tocopherols, Phitosterols, Squalene, known for their antiage properties, moisturizing, protective and revitalising; the SWEET ALMOND OIL with its recognized sweetening, emollients and lenitive properties; the JOJOBA OIL rich in antioxidants that fights the free radicals. To the cosmetic effectiveness of the nature it unites the agreeability of the oli massage. The skin, will gently find again its shine and the feeling of comfort with a treatment of natural origin perfumed with patchouli essence.

Results: More ELASTIC, COMPACT, SOFT and SILKY SKIN. It quickly penetrates in depth and it doesn't anoint.

Type of Skin: all the types, also the most sensitive, particularly suitable for the DRY or DEHYDRATE SKINS.


In the HAMMAM treatment it is used for the massage after the BLACK SOAP gommage.

Price: €44.00



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